Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pomegranate Green Tea

This afternoon I gave into temptation and tried one of the teas that I got from the Fancy Food Show. I decided to open the variety pack from The Boston Tea Company.  I was pleasantly surprised to find about ten different types of tea in the box.

Since it was extremely warm out today I decided to go with the Pomegranate Green Tea as my choice. I thought it would taste the best over ice. I made it in my ice tea maker using the single serving setting.  It was really easy to make.

I found the tea very bold which I expected since it was considered a green tea. It was a bit on the bitter side and tasted tremendously strong.  I did add a sugar cube to help sweeten it.  I was expecting it to have more of a pomegranate flavor. The pomegranate taste was practically nonexistent. It tasted like an average cup of green tea.

I would recommend this tea for the green tea lover. Anyone who enjoys a cup of strong tea as a substitute to coffee will love it. The pack comes with 24 bags and retails for about 4.99.  I am looking forward to brewing the other flavors in the box. I would give this tea a 6 out of 10. -Jules

The Boston Tea Company and Lizzie 


  1. Sounds like a good tea to try! Thanks for the visit to my blog and the info!

  2. I often find that, among the more widely available companies, I tend to think flavorings are over-done, so it surprises me to hear that you can't detect the pomegranate here! I've tried teas from Boston Tea Company, but not this particular one.

    I think, among flavored teas, I prefer floral-scented ones (like jasmine, rose, osmanthus) to fruit-flavored ones. Some green teas are naturally a bit fruity though, and blend well with various, I find, especially citrus.