Friday, June 22, 2012

Washington DC Fancy "Tea" Show!

On Tuesday, Lizzie and I were fortunate to attend the Fancy Food Show, or Fancy "Tea" Show as I like to call it, in DC. There were tons of different exhibitors trying to get vendors to notice their product. I made a bee line to all of the tea and tea related booths as soon as I arrived. The show had tea companies from all over the world and each tea was completely different and unique. It was really interesting to taste how they all varied in flavor. One of Lizzie and I's favorite tea came from a new company from China. It was a jasmine tea that was perfect in every way. Unfortunately, the product is only available in China at this time, so I will just have to wait till they break out into the US tea market. All of the vendors were extremely nice and knowledgeable about their product. I was lucky enough to get to take several of the products home. I can't wait to let y'all know how they after Lizzie and I try them in the coming weeks.  -Jules

All of the products that I got to take home to try. I can't wait!
Have you had any of these? If so, what did you think?


  1. Wow, that list makes me wish I were there. It's exciting not only how many tea companies there were, but that there were some Chinese companies specializing in top-notch Chinese tea as well.

    I definitely have had the experience that there are some top-notch Chinese teas that really blow away what is sold by typical mainstream Western tea companies. I think that a lot of companies really have yet to do more than scratch the surface of Chinese tea culture.

    There are some fantastic smaller companies though that sell all manner of Chinese just have to know about them. Which to recommend would really depend on what you want. I don't know as much about Jasmine tea so I wouldn't have any particular recommendations for a source of Chinese jasmine me it's just a tea I enjoy.

    About these brands...I've definitely tried Yorkshire, and I like it. It's a classic English Breakfast tea, and I tend to like it more than Twinings. Twinings can be hit or miss, especially with their flavored teas. My favorite of their teas is their basic Ceylon black tea, and among their flavored ones, I like their black currant.

  2. It must have been fun going to the Fancy Food Show - wish there was something like this in my area. One day I hope to attend the annual World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. I regularly drink Yorkshire tea in the morning, along with London Cuppa and PG Tips (all are good robust black tea). Thanks for dropping by at Tea and Talk.