Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lizzie on Holiday

For those of you who have followed the Darjeeling Darlings this year, you know that we pride ourselves in our Lizzie doll mascot. Lizzie accompanies us on all of our travels, tea room visits, and even helps approve new teas. However, in December Lizzie got the chance to do some of her own traveling sans Pippa and Jules as she crossed the pond to see the great United Kingdom.

Our good friend, Jurga at London Office Space extended the invitation to have Lizzie packed and flown to London for a few weeks of sight seeing all about the great city. We'd be fibbing if we said we weren't envious of her given that the Darjeeling Darlings have yet to see England! Jurga made sure she got to experience it all and we are so grateful for her hospitality. Lizzie even made the London Office Buzz page as the royal visitor from Texas! 

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

The London Eye


Card Shopping

The Tower Bridge

Red Police Box

At the Queen Elizabeth Conference Center

Westminster Abbey

Leaving London!
Lizzie arrived back home safe and sound last week and is enjoying a warm February in San Antonio. London Office Space was even kind enough to send her back to the States with a couple boxes of royally themed English Breakfast tea and a lovely post card featuring Her Majesty the Queen. Hopefully our Little Majesty will be back in London one day to show the Darjeeling Darlings around!

Best Wishes from London Office Space

~ The Darjeeling Darlings