Sunday, January 6, 2013

Downton Abbey


       One thing that I am pretty excited about in 2013 is season 3 of Downton Abbey! Today my mom and I went with some dear friends to a Downton Abbey Tea at Crest Hill Antiques and Tearoom to celebrate tonight's premier. I will post a review in the coming days but I did want to share the trivia that Crest Hill provided for us. So go ahead a test your memory from seasons 1 and 2!

1. In what part of England is Downton Abbey supposedly located?
a) Hampshire    b) London    c) Derbyshire    d) Yorkshire

2. Where are the Downton location scenes actually filmed?  
a) Crawley House   b) Highclere Castle   c) Blenheim Palace   d) Woburn Abbey   

3. What historical event first sets the series in motion?
a) Turn of the 20th century   b) Start of World War I    c) Sinking of the Titanic   d) The Irish Rebellion

4. What did Matthew Crawley do for a living before becoming the designated heir?
a) Solicitor    b) Engineer   c) Accountant     d) Architect  

5. What caused Lady Cora to suffer a miscarriage?
a) Hereditary illness    b) Fall down the stairs   c) Slipped on a soapy floor    d) Shock from bad news     

6. Which Crawley said the following: “Don’t be defeatist, dear; it’s very middle class.”
a) Lady Violet      b) Lady Mary      c) Lady Edith    d) Cousin Isabel           

7. Why does John Bates limp?
a) Birth defect   b) Shrapnel from the Boer War    c) Hunting accident   d) O’Brien tripped him

8. Thomas the Footman did all of the following, except:
a) Hide Robert’s dog   b) Steal wine from the cellar  c) Blackmail Bates  d) Dabble in black-market goods    

9. How did Vera Bates die?
a) A blow to the head    b) Drug overdose      c) Strangulation     d) Poison    

10. How did Lady Mary’s ex-fiance Sir Richard come by his fortune?
a) Family inheritance     b) Newspaper publishing      c) Political blackmail     d) Real estate investments

11. All of the following were stricken with Spanish Flu, except:
a) Carson    b) Lavinia          c) Mr. Mosely          d) Lady Cora

12. Who convinced Daisy to marry William on his deathbed?
a) Mrs. Patmore     b) Mrs. Hughes     c) William’s father   d) a, b & c

12. D

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- Jules


  1. I've never watched it but I've heard it's good. Perhaps I'll catch up on DVD.

  2. Oh, how I LOVE Downton Abbey! We do not own a T.V., so we'll have to wait until next summer to see if the library has it. We borrowed both seasons 1 and 2, and watched them for hours on end. I can't wait to see season 3!!!
    ~ Zuzu

  3. This is a great set of trivia. I went to a Downton Abbey party, too, but they didn't do trivia, they did stuff us full of yummy scones, though!