Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tazo Earl Grey Tea

   I was pretty excited when I went into the school cafeteria a few weeks ago and saw that they expanded the tea selection. I have really been enjoying this new improvement to the hot beverage choices. Since today was extremely rainy and cold, I thought I would warm up with a cup of hot tea at lunch. I was also pretty excited because this was the first pot of tea that I have made in my new dorm room! I decided to go with Tazo's Earl Grey Tea as my choice. Earl Grey is one of my favorite tea flavors, so I am a little biased.

    I steeped one tea bag for around 3 minutes in my tea pot. I wanted it to be pretty strong and three minutes seemed to do the trick. The black tea was extremely bold and filled with a rich flavor. The blend of lavender and lemon were slightly apparent and helped soften the flavor. There was a lack of sweetness, so I did add a little sugar. I was extremely satisfied with the finished product and it gave me the energy kick I needed to get through my accounting class. I would recommend this tea for anyone who wants that afternoon pick me up and does not want to drink a cup of coffee. Tazo has gotten pretty popular recently since it became part of the Starbucks Corporation. You can order it directly from Starbucks and it retails for less than $5.00 a box. Overall, I would give this tea a 8/10.  

- Jules

Tazo's Earl Grey Tea and Lizzie!

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