Sunday, July 1, 2012

Diamond Jubilee English Breakfast Tea

Here's a fun find I came across the other day while out and about.

Sitting on the tea/coffee aisle of my local Whole Foods was this tea tin with none other than Her Majesty pictured on the front. How could I resist? This commemorative tea caddy for "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee"consists of twenty five English Breakfast tea bags and a brief history of her reign as queen. The back of the tin states that English Breakfast is "a classic blend of Indian, Kenyan, and Ceylon teas which characterises the traditional English cup of tea. A refreshing tea for any time of day." I concur!

Lizzie approves!
Although I only bought the tea for the all-too-Darjeeling-Darling-appropriate tin and its potential as a secret cash stash when emptied, I've been pleasantly surprised by the unexpected delightfulness of the English Breakfast. I expected it to be the kind of cheap tea leaves gimmicked by the packaging of a shiny box, especially since (sadly) most Americans would not know the difference anyway. But alas I was wrong and happily so. These English Breakfast bags brew a tasteful, yet soft cup of tea that I have utilized for W.T.E (way too early) mornings and post lunch pick-me-ups.

If you come across this bright red tin on a grocery aisle don't hesitate to grab it!

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