Monday, August 13, 2012

Crest Hill Antiques and Tea Room

Since Pippa and I began to write this blog, my mom and I have committed to going to tea one a week when I am home from college. This week we decided on Crest Hill Antiques and Tea Room. A friend, who is quite the foodie, mentioned it and said she was interested in trying the tea room. I went online, read the reviews and knew that it was the place for us. Being the last minute planner that I have become this summer, I called at 10am for a 2pm tea reservation. The owner answered the phone and could not have been more accommodating.

Crest Hill is located in the charming little town of The Plains, Virginia. It is in a cottage like building and inviting from all angles. The parking is located in the back and a path has been made that leads tea goers to the front door. Along the porch steps are tea pot flower pots the brighten up the entrance. They are beyond adorable and a little taste on what to expect inside. The first things you notice once you enter the tea house are all of the antiques. With the prices ranging from high to low, there is something from everyone. 

After browsing for awhile, we were lead into the tearoom by the owner and seated at a corner table for two. The table had linen and china (that matched), which was a huge thumbs up for me. It also was decorated with a vase of fresh flowers and a tea lamp. Crest Hill has monthly tea specials that have about three different teas and different food selections that are special from the menu. The owner brought us out a selection of tea blends that we were able to explore. There are over 25 types of tea to select from, so there is something for everyone. I chose to go with the Diamond Jubilee Tea, which was listed a special, and my mom selected the Yorkshire Gold. Both were brought out in cozy covered teapots and were brewed to perfection.
A Table Set for Two

Since we went around lunch time, we chose to order off the lunch menu verse having the afternoon tea. I started out with a croissant sandwich which had smoked turkey, apple slices, and cranberry chutney, served along with veggies and pickles. My mom selected the curried chicken salad croissant sandwich which was also accompanied with the veggies and pickles. They both were so fantastic that we almost forgot to take a picture of them.  For our second course we went for the traditional scone. I selected a plain one and my mom had a one with currents. We were both delightfully surprised when the came out warm with powered sugar dusted on top. Along with the clotted cream and strawberry and lemon curd, we both agreed that they were some of the best scones we have ever had. Since the sandwich and scones were hug we were getting extremely full by this point but the owner tempted us into trying the homemade chocolate lava cake. Of course she made it sound so wonderful that we just had to try it. It was served warm with whip cream and fresh raspberries. It took us all of three minutes to eat it. We once again agreed that it was one of the most heavenly things we had ever eaten and we so glad that we decided to try it.
Turkey Croissant Sandwich

Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich

A Plain Scone

A Scone with Currents

Chocolate Lava Cake
Crest Hill is by far one of the best tea houses I have ever been too. From the relaxed atmosphere to the fantastic food it is a true gem. I plan on going back and having the full afternoon tea the first chance I get. I would recommend this tea room for anyone who truly wants a relaxing afternoon. Being only an hour from Washington, DC it is the perfect place to stop after a busy morning at the museums. The Darjeeling Darlings would give Crest Hill Antiques and Tea Room a 10 out of 10. 


  1. Wow! A 10, I have rarely found a tea room I could give a 10. Glad you found this nice tea room.

    1. I would really recommend this tea room! It was pretty great!

  2. Love your blog! So glad we found it! We put a link to you on our blog. We'll be visiting often!

    1. Thank you so much! We have really enjoyed reading yours!

  3. I couldn't agree more! Have been to this charming tearoom numerous times and, I must say, it is the best in the area. Of course, I am a little prejudiced as my teas are served and sold there!

    Owner, Tea For All Reasons

  4. This has been one of our favorites since the tearoom started across the street in a much smaller location but equally charming! I brought a friend visiting from MD there on Sat. (9/8) for her birthday and yes, the chocolate lava cake was brought out with a candle!